What Are Champagne Diamonds? Here Is All You Need to Know.

CUT Of Champagne Diamonds

Not to be confused with diamond shape, ‘cut’ refers to how a diamond is cut from the rough and polished. By far our favorite of the 4Cs, a diamond’s cut determines its sparkle factor. The better the cut, the sparklier and more brilliant the diamond.  

Just like white diamonds, champagne diamonds can be graded for cut by the GIA, however it’s less likely in the lower color grades. If the diamond is graded, we recommend ‘Very Good’ cut grades and above.


One thing to keep in mind with any diamond: what’s most important is how it looks to you – is it shimmering, sparkly, and catching the light from every angle? That’s the sign of a truly great cut. And of course, an expert jeweler can inspect the diamond for those hard-to-see aspects like symmetry, polish, and proportion that together create the most beautiful diamond.


To learn more about Diamond Cut, visit our blog.

CLARITY Of Champagne Diamonds

Clarity refers to the level of blemishes or inclusions in the stone. Of course, the fewer the flaws, the more valuable the stone. With champagne diamonds, we recommend opting for ‘eye clean’ – meaning there are no flaws visible to the naked eye.

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