The Trader Joe’s Dessert TikTok Is Calling “the Best Ever”

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Let’s be real: When it comes to dessert, Trader Joe’s has some of the strongest players in the game. The grocer’s Shortbread French Butter Cookies are phenomenal, their Sweet Cannoli Dip is a classic, and their Peppermint Brownies taste like a holiday party in your mouth. They even have Boozy Macarons if you’re in the mood for a little extra kick. However, one dessert in particular just received a rave review from a TikToker who called this treat “the best he’s ever had.”

Elliot of @callmebelly recently shared a video in which he heads over to his local Trader Joe’s to pick up a new flavor of panettone, an Italian sweet bread and fruit cake that is typically served during the Christmas season. Elliot tells the camera that he’s never been a fan of the treat, but he was advised to try the Chocolate Crème Filled Panettone the grocer is also selling this year.

According to the Trader Joe’s website, this dessert is baked in Italy with a moist and stretchy crumb that surrounds rich Chocolate Crème. Not to be too dramatic, but I’m already sold.

Upon slicing into the bread, Elliot shows the camera that his knife is already covered in chocolate, but that’s only the beginning. The sweet bread is stuffed with chunks of chocolate cream that you’re guaranteed to get all over your hands. (The messier the dessert, the better.) Elliot then sprinkles the powdered sugar the treat comes with over his slice and takes a huge bite. He calls the treat “insane” and “delicious” before declaring it “one of the best baked goods I’ve ever had from Trader Joe’s.”

Unlike the traditional panettone, this chocolate cream version comes gift-wrapped in festive colors with a decorative ribbon, perfect to gift to your friends, coworkers, or just unwrap as a present to yourself. It’s currently retailing for $12.99 and you better hurry — it’s only available for a limited time.

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