The Spiritual Meaning Behind Your Favorite Gemstones

‘Yves’ green sapphire ring in yellow gold – SOLD

The stone of wisdom, deep knowing, and crystal clear clarity. Sapphire helps focus the mind and calm mental tension. Its energy helps us sift through conflicting thoughts and opinions to shine a light on the truth – the deepest, highest truth for you. Once you know your truth, sapphire helps you express it with clarity and confidence.

When you think sapphire, your first thought is likely that deep, royal blue hue, but this gorgeous stone also comes in pink, purple, green, and white. Each color stays true to its essence of wisdom, but also has unique healing qualities of its own:

Green Sapphire expands the wise sapphire energy to encompass the thoughts and feelings of those around you. It inspires a new level of understanding and compassion of others, deepening the connections in your life.

Pink Sapphirebrings the wisdom of acceptance, forgiveness, and release. It helps us accept and let go of the past, freeing us from emotional ties that bind us. Its energy connects us with the infinite love that’s always available to us.

White Sapphiregives us the wisdom to overcome obstacles in our life. It’s the gift of clarity, of a greater intelligence to guide us through difficult times.

Purple Sapphirebrings the deepest kind of wisdom – it helps us see our oneness with all others, gifting us the peace that comes with connection.  

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