‘The Golden Bachelor’ Drama Between Kathy and Theresa Is Just Too Good

The third episode of The Golden Bachelor finally delivered the season’s first fight: a battle of wits between contestants Kathy and Theresa, both of whom are competing for the heart of Indiana widower Gerry Turner.

Here’s how it all went down. Kathy took issue with Theresa for “boasting” and oversharing about the connection she’s forming with Gerry. Fellow contestant April subsequently issued a general warning to the group about “keep[ing] your mouth shut” when it comes to their personal progress with Gerry. Theresa, however, saw the comment for what it was and realized April was talking specifically about her.

Kathy, not to be outdone, admitted to Gerry through tears that she “just had a lot of daggers [thrown at her] today.” He ended up handing out a rose to Kathy as consolation just ahead of the rose ceremony.

As soon as Kathy returned to the mansion, rose in hand, Theresa pulled her aside to hash things out. But the conversation ended up escalating to the point where Theresa had to run off and cry in her bedroom.

Gerry tracked Theresa down and encouraged her to “let it go” but warned her that he’s not here for the drama and the in-fighting “could be a real stumbling block for us.” That said, he still gave a rose to Theresa, too, in the end.

Theresa and Kathy exchanged words one more time during the rose ceremony and it was much more cordial, but you can tell from the clip below that their beef may linger on.

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