The 6 Best Cult Gaia Bags, According to Fashion Insiders

Have you ever wondered, “Is this really worth the hype?” In the age of social media, it can be easy to get caught up in the buzz surrounding viral trends or rising labels. Sometimes, you need an external gut check that can tell you if that handbag is worth securing—luckily, you have us. As editors, we pride ourselves on being able to shift through the noise of the digital landscape to give you an honest run-down of what really matters. Of course, that’s not to say our work doesn’t come without challenges, as so much of what’s deemed “valuable” in fashion these days seems directly correlated to a brand’s popularity rather than what they bring to the table. However, there is one brand that, in our mind, brings receipts to back up the hype: Cult Gaia.

On any given day, you can scroll through social media and see enormous excitement surrounding this brand’s ready-to-wear collections. But what makes this brand worth shopping isn’t the buzz…it’s the bags. Ultimately, the accessories are what cemented the brand’s cult status (excuse the pun). So, when shopping this highly sought-after brand, there’s no better place to start. But, for the bag fanatics (like myself), choosing just one purse to buy is akin to a mother picking her favorite child. In an effort to help you narrow down your shopping list, we’ve done hours of research to identify the best Cult Gaia bags. Considering popularity, quality, price point, versatility, wearability, longevity, silhouttes, and uniqueness as a metric, we narrowed the list down to six styles that make for great long-term investments. If you thought that this brand was all hype, these bags will prove otherwise. 

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