Stylists Share the 10 Best Hair Oils for Curly Hair

Celebrity hairstylist Jennifer Korab has some advice if you have curly hair and want to invest in a good hair oil. “When looking for a hair oil for curly hair, I recommend looking for an oil that is lightweight and non-greasy,” she says. “[One that] adds hydration, and controls frizz. I also like to look for an oil that has heat protection.”

If your curls are on the thinner side, you’ll really want to heed the above point because heavier oils might make your hair greasy and can weigh it down. Korab also recommends looking for organic and natural oils like avocado, olive, and sweet almond oil. “These will help define your curls without synthetic additives,” she says. Below, find Korab’s favorite hair oil along with a few of our own recs.

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