Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas’s Second Daughter Has A Gorgeous Name

The one silver lining of the increasingly contentious Turner-Jonas divorce (besides Sophie Turner and Taylor Swift going out to dinner): court documents have revealed the name of their second daughter.

The Game of Thrones star and boy bander have been diligent about keeping their two girls out of the spotlight, which is absolutely their right, but it’s simply now a matter of public record, as verified by Page Six, that Willa’s sister is named…


Delphine Jonas!

That’s so cute!

It means either “of Delphi” (per NameBerry) and/or is derived from the Latin word for dolphin (per TheBump) and in any case, it’s both Greek and French. Listen, languages are interconnected, I’m not an etymologist. It’s a very pretty name and reminds me of Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk’s daughter who is named Lea de Seine Shayk Cooper, like wow.

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Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas’s first daughter, Willa, is three, and Delphine is one. Both parents have agreed to keep the family in New York City while they work out a custody agreement and the courts decide where the divorce should even be handled—Florida, where they previously owned a home and where Joe filed divorce papers, or England, where Turner is from and where she says they meant to relocate the family? Turner claims that Jonas is withholding the kids’ passports to prevent her from taking them back to the UK, but Jonas disputes her characterization of the situation (all through lawyers, natch). It’s…messy. Also, we’re hearing that the much-touted Ring Cam footage isn’t as scandalous as cheating or drug use, but merely Turner talking shit about Jonas to a friend, per Elle. The surveillance state is coming for your marriage, ladies!

But back to happier matters. Delphine! What on Earth are they gonna call her as a nickname? Delly? Phina? The Child Of Sansa Stark Whom No Man Shall Cross For The North Remembers And Shall Never Bend The Knee?

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