See 5 Golden Bachelor Contestants When They Were Young

Golden Bachelor Gerry Turner has his work cut out for him. The 72-year-old widower from Indiana is searching for a second chance at love with one of 22 women, and let me be the first to say—they’re all gorgeous.

Of course, Gerry is old enough and wise enough to know that looks aren’t everything. These women, all of whom are over 60, have lived lives filled with friendship, careers, children, lovers, and even loss—and they have the stories and smile lines to prove it.

But a few of these stories come with photographic evidence, which the women have shared on Instagram over the years. There was Leslie’s time as a an aerobics champion, Renee’s NFL cheerleading days, and Sandra’s spin as a contestant on Wheel of Fortune (she won the game and the bonus round, for the record!). If you loved the hair, the clothes, and the glam of the ‘70s and ’80s, look no further…

Ahead of the premiere of The Golden Bachelor on September 28, we’re taking a look back at five of the women who couldn’t resist a #TBT.


According to her bio, Leslie is a former professional figure skater—but skating isn’t her only talent. In an Instagram post shared on September 27, Leslie says she was also a national aerobics champion at just 25 years old. She added the hashtag “#80sbaby,” which feels appropriate because I can’t think of anything more “’80s” than a national aerobics competition.

The only thing missing from his ’80s-tastic photo—in which Leslie rocks a curly pixie that adds a good three inches to her height—is a Jane Fonda cameo. Something tells me they probably crossed paths…


Sandra, 75, may have a leg up on the competition, and it has nothing to do with her ability to woo Gerry. The former executive assistant has experience in front of the camera, having won an episode of Wheel of Fortune back in November 1988. (Better luck next time, Karol and Tim!)

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