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What makes this satin formula different from the other lip products that you’ve launched in the past?

Mario Dedivanovic: We’ve had a nice collection of matte, liquid, and glossy formulas but didn’t have a classic creamy lipstick, which is what I’ve always used the most. This satin formula is classic yet modern in that it glides and grips the lips with super comfortable wear. The color story is also unique because the shades are inspired by and pay tribute to NYC, where I was born and raised.

What are your best practices for applying lipstick? Should you always wear a lip liner? Should you wear a lip balm underneath?

You can pair SuperSatin Lipstick with my UltraSuede Sculpting Lip Pencil, especially if you’re trying to re-create my signature Lip Lift technique, but the formula works beautifully by itself if you want to skip the pencil step. Lately, I’ve been into a blurred/stained lip, so I start by using less lipstick to get the look.

What advice would you give to someone new to wearing lipstick and trying to find the right shade for their skin tone?

Start by finding a shade that resembles your natural lip color since no color will be more flattering than the one you were born with. This will be a perfect everyday go-to shade that looks good with everything. Most important, though, is choosing a shade that makes you feel good and that you find most flattering. I say let your intuition guide the process. You’re drawn to what you like for a reason.

What’s your favorite shade in this collection?

All the shades in this collection are special to me, but my absolute favorite is Bronx Baby. I grew up in the Bronx and wanted to name my favorite shade after the neighborhood I’m from. The shade reminds me of a soft, warm rose lipstick my oldest sister Vicky used to wear and is an easy, simple way to wear nude every day.

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