Philadelphia Kids ‘Traumatized’ After Motorcyclist Breaks Car Glass

The innanet continues to rally together to support the 23-year-old Philadelphia woman a motorcyclist attacked on Sunday (Oct. 1).

The Shade Room contacted the impacted driver, Nikki Bullock, to learn what happened and what the viral video didn’t catch.

Though the Philly native was reluctant to speak, she did provide an update on the incident. She says she was able to get the car’s rear windshield replaced locally through Otto Glass. Fortunately, the replacement came at no cost.

If you haven’t seen it, the viral video shows a motorcyclist stomping Nikki’s back windshield until it shatters after a brief verbal exchange with another driver ahead of the attacker. When the attacker hopped off of the car, a gun slipped from his waistband. He bent over to pick up the weapon as Nikki exited her car to confront him.

As she approached him, he pointed the gun at her head and chest area, but she continued to close the gap between them until he headbutted her with his helmet’s visor and fled on his motorcycle.

Following the intense confrontation, Nikki expressed feeling very thankful for the outpour of support and cash donations she received.

“I don’t want to disclose how much we made, but we are getting lots of donations and are more than grateful for the amount of attention and the amount of people noticing us,” Nikki added.

The 23-year-old also exclusively revealed that several notable people with “blue checks” reached out, including Waka Flocka. He allegedly reached out to her to see how he could assist and if everyone inside the impacted vehicle was okay.

Philly Woman Says Kids From The Car Are “Traumatized” After Incident With Motorcyclist

If you recall, Nikki wasn’t alone in the vehicle when she was attacked. Her girlfriend and their five-year-old and two-year-old children were also present. When asked how the children were following the event, Nikki explained the children were “doing okay.”

She added:

“They are traumatized from a scary situation, obviously, but physically, they were not hurt at all. Not even one scratch, thank God.”

Philadelphia police have reportedly identified the suspect, and a warrant is set to be issued.

However, many people have called out the authorities for not intervening during the incident. The viral video shows police cars a few feet away from the confrontation.

“The police definitely could have done more,” says Nikki. “The fact that we called the cops three times within 2 hours because no one was responding and then literally had to run into traffic to stop a cop when two were sitting in traffic at the red light with us the whole time was INSANE.”

She continued:

“They did not intervene AT ALL. They literally sat and watched while glass was shattered over the heads of two children.” She adds, “They told me and my girlfriend that there’s nothing they can do besides take a report because they are not allowed to chase the suspect.”

Moving forward, Nikki plans on getting a new car due to the world seeing her vehicle with the Philadelphia license plate exposed.

“I’m not sure exactly what kind of car yet, but most likely an SUV. Something our children can be comfortable in,” she said.

We wish Nikki, her girlfriend, and their children the best of luck following this unfortunate incident.

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