Michael Jordan Used to Smoke a Cigar Before Every Home Game

So I have a question. I’ve had a cigar here and there, but I don’t know much. It seems like smoking a cigar before a basketball game—well, I would not want to play basketball after doing that.

A lot of people, it does hit them in a certain way. It could alter them. But, you know, you don’t inhale cigar smoke. And obviously Michael was able to get the benefits from it, which was the relaxation. And maybe in the fourth quarter, when there’s four seconds [left], maybe it was the cigar that helped him get a swish and win the game.

I’m gonna credit the cigar! Michael will laugh if he hears it, but I’m gonna say he never would have made those shots, at home anyway, had it not been for the cigar that relaxed him before the game.

So obviously you guys had a happy initial interview. What led to the second one happening 12 years later?

You know, we stay in touch.

What sort of things do you guys talk about?

Eh, it’s personal stuff. So he was at the Bear’s Club [Ed. note: Jack Nicklaus’s private golf club in Jupiter, Florida], and I was playing at the Bear’s Club one day. His cart is going one way, my cart is going the other way. “Michael!” “Marvin!” “Michael!” “Marvin!”

So we’re facing each other, and the carts are going opposite directions, and I said, “It’s time!” And he knew what I was talking about. You know, for another interview. He said, “Let’s do it. Call me, we’ll set it up.”

And it was as simple as that.

It was as simple as that. So then we arranged to do it at the Bear’s Club, which was closed at the time. And this time, I brought a crew and I videotaped the whole thing. And the highlight there, which went viral after it was released, was when we talked about cigar smoking. I know he smokes on the golf course; I play with him. So I said, “How many do you smoke a day?” He said he smokes six a day, and he plays 36 holes. And I know he plays almost every day. And these are not little cigars!

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