Kristen Bell and family kicked out of airport for sleeping

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard were kicked out of an airport — and no, it wasn’t for letting their kids chug some non-alcoholic brewskis.

The celebrity couple shared that they dropped $600 buying pillows and blankets so their family could crash in Boston Logan International Airport after flight delays, but they were booted from the airport, despite it being open 24 hours a day.

Bell said in a since-expired Instagram Story on Wednesday that her husband and their two children, Lincoln, 10, and Delta, 8, were “stranded at the Boston airport” after hours of delays. And Shepard posted that after seven hours of delays, the flight was “kicked to the next day all together” and that there were “ZERO” hotel vacancies in the greater Boston area.

In a video that showed the famous family improvising by assembling a makeshift “bedroom” on the airport floor, the “Idiocracy” star joked with his wife that he’d gone out and spent $350 on bed sheets and neck pillows, “But then you went and you spend a little bit more!”

She admitted spending “$253 for bed sheets.”

“So we’re at $600, we could have been at a really nice hotel, but they’re all taken,” Shepard added, before his wife quipped that it cost them $600 to stay at the Boston airport.

But that wasn’t the punchline. The “Armchair Expert” podcast host admitted he’d splurged for only one toothbrush for the whole family to share, saving the family a whopping $7.50 (times three) after dropping all that dough on pillows and sheets.

In the “Frozen” star’s since-expired Instagram Story, she said they were biding their time with card games like Uno and Spades before they crafted their sleeping quarters. Then airport officials came to break up the slumber party.

Bell shared an update that after they’d taken their sleeping meds, they were “kicked out” of the airport.

“Thankfully we found friends of friends who offered us their attics and accepted us at 1am!!!!!!,” Bell said via her Instagram Story. “And then took us on a hike the next morning with a lot of dogs and it was heaven!”

Now, Bell recently admitted on “The Kelly Clarkson Show” that she lets her kids enjoy non-alcoholic beer, something they’ve shared with their dad (who’s a recovering addict) since they were little.

While it’s unclear whether kids sipping 0%-alcohol brewskis at an airport slumber party had anything to do with the family getting the boot — it’s more likely that, delay or no delay, Boston Logan has a policy that states “travelers are not allowed to wait or sleep airside after security checkpoints have closed for the night.”

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