Jason Derulo Addresses Emaza Dilan Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

Jason Derulo, 34, is speaking out after an aspiring singer accused him of quid pro quo sexual harassment in a lawsuit filed Thursday. As The Shade Room previously reported, the suit was filed by Emaza Gibson, 25. Gibson is also known by her stage name, Emaza Dilan.

Additionally, the aspiring artist is a former member of the girl group Ceraadi.

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Jason Derulo Addresses The Recently Filed Lawsuit

The 34-year-old singer took to Instagram early Friday morning to share a video with fans addressing the suit. Derulo explained that he “wouldn’t normally comment, but these claims are completely false and hurtful.”

“I stand against all forms of harassment, and I remain supportive of anybody following their dreams,” the singer continued. “I’ve always strived to live my life in a positively impactful way, and that’s why I sit here before you, deeply offended by these defamatory claims. God bless.”

The video was brief, and Derulo reiterated the exact words he spoke in the video’s caption.

Furthermore, Derulo also shared the same video and caption on X, formerly known as Twitter.

More Details Regarding Emaza Dilan’s Accusations Against Jason Derulo

As The Shade Room previously reported, Dilan was first contacted by Derulo in August 2021. At the time, Derulo presented the aspiring singer with the opportunity to become a solo artist under his label, Future History. Additionally, Dilan’s signage to Future History would be assisted by a collaborative push from Atlantic Records.

“I’m like, OK, well, Jason is a great artist — big, international, powered with Atlantic — this should be a no-brainer, and I should be able to, you know, start my solo career,” Dilan told NBC News while reflecting on the alleged events during an interview Wednesday.

However, Dilan alleged that Derulo began inviting her to private drinks and dinners at a “members-only lounge.” However, after she consistently declined, Derulo began “inviting” her to drink during their studio sessions.

Dilan explained to the outlet that she declined to partake to stay alert and aware of her “vocal condition and performance.”

However, in September  2021, Dilan reportedly agreed to an in-studio drink with Derulo. The aspiring singer alleges she was given “inappropriately large amounts of alcohol.”

“I told him that I wasn’t a drinker… so it’s like, you know, you’re not listening to that the first time I tell you, and you’re still pushing on me,” Dilan told NBC News. “It’s, like, pressure at this point.”

Additionally, Dilan alleged that Derulo also pressured her to partake in using cocaine, and “rituals involving sex, goat sacrifices and blood,” to which the aspiring singer declined.

NBC News reports that the lawsuit explicitly cites Derulo’s “repeated pressure” toward Dilan and consistent “late-night studio sessions” bolstered his alleged “explicit demand for sex-in-exchange-for-success.”

Furthermore, Dilan also alleges that Derulo allegedly “charged” at her in June 2022 after she was late to one of their studio sessions at his Malibu home.

“I had to step back… my hand just clutched my chest, because I was, like, I’ve, I’ve never been approached this way by anybody,” Dilan explained to NBC News.

Dilan was ultimately dropped by Future History and Atlantic Records on Friday, September 6, 2022.

More Information Regarding The Singer’s Lawsuit

According to NBC News, Dilan and her mother attempted to contact human resources at Atlanta Records to report Derulo’s “sexually, emotionally and physically inappropriate behavior.” However, the mother and daughter’s emails reportedly went unanswered.

On Thursday, Dilan filed the sexual harassment lawsuit against Derulo at a Los Angeles County Superior Court.

“I’m just trying to fight for what’s right, because what was done to me was not OK,” Dilan told NBC News. “And I wouldn’t want anybody else to go through what I went through. They wasted my time. They promised me things…. ‘Forget the contract.’ That’s what I was told. But if I wasn’t going to do, if I wasn’t doing my part according to this contract, I would be in trouble. I would be held accountable.”

Dilan’s attorney, Ron Zambrano, has called Derulo’s alleged “threats of physical harm and unconscionable sexual advances… outrageous and illegal.”

According to NBC News, the suit lists Derulo, Future History, and Atlantic Records as defendants. They are reportedly accused of “sexual harassment, retaliation, breach of contract,” and other claims.

Dilan is reportedly seeking “unpaid wages, loss of earnings, deferred compensation and other employment benefits,” as well as “damages for emotional distress.”

“How could you be a person and do this to somebody? Like, why? Why?

I’ve been doing this all my life,” Dilan told NBC News. “This is something I’ve wanted to do as a little girl. And you don’t have to bend your morals to get to certain places.”

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