I Hired a Pro at Closet Clean-Outs—7 Things I Tossed

How do you suggest finding storage options for small spaces?

“Think outside the box. For example, the cabinet where we put your shoes is what people will think is a media cabinet. If you go in the kitchen aisle at the container store and you look for plate dividers, they actually make for a good stand for your shoes. Always look for an opportunity to purge. Be really real with yourself about what you’re holding on to.

“Invest in Elfa, the Container Store’s closet system. We regularly rip out the standard closet system and put in the Elfa system that’s modular, which means they can change over time. We like to see what you have and design a closet based on what your actual possessions are.

“Use vertical space, build up, and have full shoe storage and sweater storage to the ceiling if you’re someone who needs it. When you don’t have a lot of square footage, you need to use the height that you have. Be creative.” — Losonci

Now, here are the seven things the professionals suggest you ditch from your wardrobe ASAP.

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