How much do you know about train travel in the UK? Take our quiz to find out | I came by train

  1. 1.What’s the most common reason for taking the train?

  2. 2.How many UK train journeys start, finish or pass through London?

  3. 3.Which method of travel scores highest for passenger satisfaction?

  4. 4.How many hours a week can some London commuters spend in cars?

  5. 5.Taking the train is less polluting than going by car*, but by how much?

  6. 6.A flight from Edinburgh to London emits about 131kg of CO2 for each passenger. How much is emitted if a passenger travels by electric train instead?

  7. 7.What is a Super Route?

  8. 8.How many UK train routes are cheaper than if you go by car*?

  9. 9.How many train journeys does the average Londoner make in a year?

  10. 10.What percentage of trains arrive on time?

* Sources:

Are you on board?

Switch just one car journey to train this year to cut your CO2 impact, and become a climate hero. Find out more by visiting I came by train, a collective movement supported by Trainline to help fight climate change

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