Hilarie Burton Morgan Says Embracing Gray Hair Is a ‘Relief’

Hilarie Burton Morgan may have risen to fame playing fictional teen Peyton Sawyer on One Tree Hill, but she’s more than happy for fans to stop seeing her that way. In fact, the 41-year-old Drama Queens host recently opened up about “going gray early,” remarking that the transition is a “relief.”

While appearing on The View to promote her new book, Grimoire Girl: A Memoir of Magic and Mischief, on October 7, Burton Morgan discussed the rise in young women going gray postpandemic. Said cohost Joy Behar, “They said that you [went gray], but your hair is beautiful.”

Burton Morgan pointed to her roots and replied, “Get in there. We’re growing it all out.”

“It’s a weird thing when you were a teen drama actress, and the expectation to be 17 forever is out there,” Burton Morgan continued. “I didn’t necessarily like my younger years. I dealt with some dark stuff in my younger years. So this idea that you can level up and get to the place where you’re the salty one in the room was exciting to me.”

“My heroes were Bea Arthur and Ruth Gordon and Betty White,” Burton Morgan added. “That’s who I wanted to be. So going gray early had been a relief.”

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