FPSA Women’s Alliance Network Announces 2023 Red Circle Honor Recipients

McLean, VA – The Food Processing Suppliers Association (FPSA) proudly announces the 2023 Women’s Alliance Network Red Circle Honors recipients. The honors recognize three women, one man, and an FPSA member company that have positively impacted women’s careers and gender balance in the food and beverage industry. FPSA Chairman Brian Perkins attests, “The Red Circle Honors represent a powerful testament to the remarkable individuals and companies driving positive change in our industry. We celebrate their dedication to advancing diversity, innovation, and excellence. In a field as dynamic as the food and beverage industry, their contributions inspire us all to reach higher and create a more inclusive future. We are proud to honor and celebrate these outstanding recipients.” The Red Circle Honors will be presented at the Women’s Alliance Network Breakfast on October 24 during the Process Expo in Chicago.

The 2023 Women’s Alliance Network Red Circle Honor recipients are:

Rising Star — Alidea Boerhave, Rome Grinding Solutions

The Rising Star Honor recognizes a woman with less than five years of industry experience who has made a noticeable impact via professional achievements and personal influence in the food and beverage industry. Alidea Boerhave joined Rome Grinding Solutions in July 2019 as a Sourcing Specialist and swiftly advanced, showcasing exceptional dedication and adaptability. With a Business Administration and Management background, she now holds the pivotal role of Director of Operations, overseeing Sourcing, Scheduling, and Operations departments and guiding the Rome Grinding Solutions Management Team. Her outstanding performance during challenging times, innovative problem-solving, unwavering commitment to self-improvement, and remarkable team spirit have positioned her as a rising star within the company and the food processing industry. As Vice President of Operations at Rome Grinding Solutions, Nicole Chestnut described Alidea as a “true Rising Star whose exceptional talent and dedication make her an ideal candidate for the Red Circle Honors Award.” Recognizing Alidea’s achievements honors her and inspires employees throughout Rome Grinding Solutions and the broader industry, encouraging them to strive for excellence and contribute to the company’s continued success.

Innovation and Inspiration — Nicole Cammarata, Commercial Food Sanitation

The Innovation and Inspiration Honor recognizes a woman who has brought game-changing innovation or an inspiring idea in the last 18 months to her company or industry. Nicole Cammarata, the Global Training Manager for Commercial Food Sanitation (CFS) since 2016, is a standout recipient of the Innovation and Inspiration Red Circle Honor. In the face of the challenging global pandemic, Nicole’s extraordinary achievements in the food industry reflect her innovative thinking and inspirational leadership. She took the initiative to explore avenues for elevating food safety and mitigating risks. Her trailblazing journey commenced with collaborations involving food manufacturers and equipment suppliers to uncover unmet industry needs that CFS’s expertise could address. Spurring her to initiate a comprehensive process encompassing curriculum development, digital course creation, and close coordination with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs). Nicole’s unwavering dedication to incorporating customer feedback and fostering industry partnerships culminated in successfully launching an updated in-person Hygienic Design Training alongside sixteen digital modules, forming the CFS Hygienic Design Certification program. Nicole’s achievements distinguish themselves through her customer-centric and collaborative approach, the considerable focus and perseverance required to navigate this complex project, and the simultaneous planning for multi-language certification programs. Her innovative methodology and the distinctive blend of in-person and digital training components have advanced her technical and leadership skills. She made substantial strides in reducing food safety risks and enhancing overall efficiency within the food industry.

Male Ally — Daniel Voit, Blentech Corporation

The Male Ally Honor recognizes a male colleague who actively supports, promotes, and develops the careers of other genders in the workforce. Daniel Voit, CEO at Blentech, has over two decades of service and demonstrated exceptional leadership in the food industry. He has matched it with his role as a dedicated mentor and advocate for women within Blentech and the broader industry. Holding degrees in Food Science from Oregon State University and the University of California, Davis, Daniel has seamlessly supported various departments, including engineering, food science, sales, and service. Daniel’s distinction lies in his proactive commitment to advancing women’s careers at Blentech. He possesses a remarkable ability to identify individual strengths and provide tailored opportunities for growth. This approach has propelled numerous female employees into new roles and leadership positions, with some reaching executive levels. Whether it is suggesting training, offering mentorship, or facilitating connections with senior leaders, Daniel consistently supports and celebrates the achievements of women at Blentech. His leadership has nurtured a culture of empowerment and open communication, ensuring that all voices are heard and valued. His impact extends beyond Blentech, as he has been instrumental in developing future female leaders in the food industry, regardless of their technical background. His support for working mothers is noteworthy, ensuring that parenthood does not hinder career advancement. Daniel’s dedication to mentoring, empowering, and advocating for women in the food industry is an enduring testament to his leadership.

Career Excellence — Kohl Schrader, Ph.D., Poly-clip System

The Career Excellence Honor recognizes a woman dedicated to the food and beverage industry who has taken a proactive approach to personal and professional development. Dr. Kohl Schrader of Poly-clip System is a standout recipient of the Career Excellence Red Circle Honor. Her impressive journey in the meat and food industry showcases her unwavering dedication, innovation, and impactful contributions. With a background in Animal Science from Iowa State University and a Ph.D. in Meat Science focusing on processed meat and food safety, Dr. Schrader has held technical roles within Devro and Marlen International, demonstrating her versatile skill set. Most notably, her tenure at Poly-clip System saw her rise to Director of Applications, overseeing technical application support, equipment demonstrations, automation projects, and regulatory compliance across the United States and Canada. She has been pivotal in enhancing thermal processing and manufacturing efficiencies at many of Poly-clip System’s business partner facilities. Furthermore, her role in day-to-day operations and sales support contributes significantly to profitability and business growth. Dr. Schrader’s dedication extends to further education, where she actively shares her expertise through lectures, presentations, and equipment demonstrations at industry events and academic institutions. Her unwavering commitment to the meat industry and her notable contributions to profitability and excellence make her a deserving recipient of this year’s Red Circle Honors Career Excellence Award.

Achievement in Developing and Promoting Women — Bollin Label

This honor recognizes an FPSA member company that actively supports and develops women’s careers and works toward professional gender balance in their organization. Bollin Label has earned the Achievement in Developing and Promoting Women Red Circle Honor through its longstanding commitment to gender equality and inclusivity. As a majority woman-owned business with over 50 years of experience in the label printing industry, Bollin Label’s reputation for delivering high-quality labeling solutions is well-established. Their specialized focus on the food processing market demonstrates their deep understanding of the sector’s unique needs, resulting in tailored and innovative labeling solutions that enhance product visibility, safety, and brand integrity. Bollin Label empowers women within the company and the broader community. With women representing 66.6% of their executive team, Bollin Label exemplifies gender equality in leadership roles. They maintain fair compensation practices and foster a supportive work environment with flexible options, accommodations for nursing mothers, and educational support for employees’ children during the pandemic. This commitment to inclusivity extends to fair compensation practices, with women earning, on average, $1.10 for every dollar earned by their male counterparts, ensuring pay equity. Their active involvement in community programs, such as sponsoring the YWCA’s women’s and children’s home and clothing program and volunteering for the WiBL program at the University of Toledo, reflects their commitment to advancing women’s opportunities and development. Bollin Label’s holistic approach to gender equality, dedication to excellence, and community support make it a deserving recipient of this year’s honor.

In addition to meeting the award recipients on October 24 at Process Expo, the breakfast will feature Nicole Makowski, President of Makowski’s Real Sausage Company, and the $25 registration fee will be donated to Nicole’s chosen charity – Jackson Chance Foundation.

To register for the show or for more information on attending, please visit process-expo.us.messefrankfurt.com.

FPSA is a trade association serving global food and beverage suppliers. The Association’s programs and services assist its members in marketing their products and services and improving their business practices. Programs and services to achieve these objectives include Process Expo, electronic media marketing, education, research, and being the voice of its members in the public arena on issues such as food safety, sanitary design of equipment, and global trade.





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