Everything Leaving Netflix October 2023

Pride & Prejudice is leaving Netflix next month. So is a bunch of other stuff, but mostly it’s Pride & Prejudice. If we want to watch the Hand Moment, we’ll have to go to YouTube. And sit through an ad. What kind of world is this?

Joe Wright’s masterful adaptation of Jane Austen’s beloved romantic comedy has been charming audiences since 2005 with its tender central performances and breathtaking cinematography. Every frame a painting, every moment a poem. Also, Girl, Interrupted is a good movie and is leaving the streaming platform, but that’s not one you have to rewatch every weekend, now is it? In fact, I’d be concerned if you did.

But Pride & Prejudice! Rewatch as often as you want! Except you can’t! Because it’s leaving Netflix! And I suppose if you haven’t seen Terminator Genisys yet, maybe do that? There’s no matchmaking or ribbon clutching (the ribbon on Jane’s dress!), and no one dances a quadrille but whatever.

Here’s everything leaving Netflix in October 2023, including Pride & Prejudice:

Focus Films/Everett Collection

Leaving October 1

The Rental

Leaving October 2


Leaving October 4

The Expendables

The Expendables 2

The Expendables 3

Leaving October 5

American Pie: Girls’ Rules

Leaving October 14

Half & Half, seasons 1–4

One on One, seasons 1–5

Leaving October 31



Coming to America

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

Girl, Interrupted

Hey Arnold! The Jungle Movie

Into the Badlands, seasons 1–3

Legends of the Hidden Temple

Mile 22

No Strings Attached

Pride & Prejudice

courtesy Everett Collection

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