Emerald cut diamonds: Everything You Need to Know

Angular drama

With a delicious art-deco, Great Gatsby energy, emerald cut diamonds never lose their lustre. They give a nod to times gone by with their subtle candlelit shine, yet feel forever modern with their elongated proportions and clean geometric lines.

Less expensive

Emerald cut diamonds are about 10-15% less expensive than round brilliant diamonds of the same quality and carat weight.

Why are emerald cut diamonds less expensive?

The emerald cut wastes less of the diamond rough than other shapes, saving on cost (and winning on sustainability). Also, as a more unique choice, the demand is lower, bringing the price down – a plus for everyone that loves to go against the grain.

Almost unbreakable

Those cut corners are more than just drama, they help prevent damage that can happen with sharp pointed corners like on a princess cut diamond.

So, if you’re extra active and want to stay on the safe side, we love an emerald cut diamond for you.

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