David Beckham Affordable Colognes Just Landed in the States

Sometimes the shortest path to achieving personal style nirvana is to choose some famous person whose vibe you appreciate, then copy it unapologetically. Scent, though, is a little trickier—you can’t go around taking surreptitious whiffs of well-dressed celebrities and street style champions in the hopes of finding your signature cologne. Luckily, David Beckham, who remains one of GQ’s ongoing fashion heroes as he nears 50, makes the whole cologne-copying thing easy: his latest line of scents just arrived in the US. And at affordable prices, no less.

The trio of colognes delivers something for everyone, channeling Beckham’s own globetrotting sense memory. Infinite Aqua brings citrus and sea brine before shifting to florals with earthy notes. Aromatic Greens offers lush muskiness underlined by cedarwood and patchouli, while Refined Woods aims for a spicy warmth, highlighted by cardamom, vetiver, and tonka.

David Beckham

Infinite Aqua Eau De Parfum Natural Spray

“For me, scents always remind me of a place,” Beckham explained to British GQ when the collection originally launched in Europe. “Infinite Aqua reminds me of driving down the Pacific Coast Highway, Aromatic Greens reminds me of country walks, and Refined Woods re-creates travel experiences.”

(And for anyone who takes their scent rotation seriously, it’s worth noting that all three scents are eau de parfum instead of the weaker eau de toilette. Translation: their fragrance should last all day, rather than tapping out at halftime.)

David Beckham launched his first scent back in 2005 (and has plenty of self-branded bottles on his resumé), meaning his cologne career is almost as long as his 20-year run of football dominance. The man may have had a golden right foot, but his nose might be the real MVP.

David Beckham

Aromatic Greens Eau De Parfum Natural Spray

David Beckham

Refined Woods Eau De Parfum Natural Spray

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