Stephen dead on Corrie; inset, actor Todd Boyce smiling (Credit: ITV/Composite: ED!)

Coronation Street fans disappointed as Stephen story ends

Some fans of Coronation Street have been left feeling disappointed as its killer Stephen Reid story came to an end last night. This came as Stephen was cornered by his family and neighbours at the Rovers – and was killed in the street, by a furious Peter Barlow.

It looked as though Stephen might escape scot-free, with his getaway to Thailand all planned out. However, Jenny stole his passport at the last moment, forcing a return to Weatherfield.

Last night’s episode saw Stephen’s time in Weatherfield come to an end (Credit: ITV)

Stephen killed by Peter Barlow following Weatherfield return

Stephen then held Jenny and Sarah hostage in the Rovers. Cornered by his family, Stephen threatened to kill Jenny with a broken bottle.

However, just as he relented and released Jenny, Peter roared onto the street in his taxi… running Stephen down.

Stephen died on the cobbles, his reign of terror at an end. The soap then revealed that Tim Metcalfe is also still alive, albeit battered and bruised in the boot of his own taxi.

Stephen dead, in a bodybag on Corrie
Stephen’s dead… but some fans weren’t satisfied by his exit (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street fans slam ‘cop out’ ending

As the credits rolled on last night’s episode, a number of fans shared their disappointment on social media. Many felt that the decision to kill Stephen off rather than have him face justice for his crimes was a bit of a ‘cop out.’

“I really wanted the Stephen story line to end, but this is the biggest crock of [BLEEP] going. What a cop out,” raged one irate fan, on Twitter (now X).

“Bit of a cop out killing Stephen off tbh,” agreed another.

“So disappointed in Coronation Street tonight! Why does the bad guy always get away with an easy way out instead of a life of misery in prison? The same thing happened last time with Eileen’s husband the builder. Bad ending – months of waiting for that!” said a third.

“Disappointed with the way Corrie ended. Would have liked to have seen Stephen go to trial,” said another.

Stephen being run over on Coronation Street
Stephen left the soap with a bang… but is it enough? (Credit: ITV)

Corrie viewers bemoan lack of showdown in Stephen finale

Meanwhile, some viewers were disappointed that Stephen didn’t kill again before leaving the soap – while others had been hoping for a big showdown between Peter and Stephen.

“I didn’t want Tim to die but tbh I think he probably should have done. He was the one who actually saw a body being dumped. Teddy could only speculate, but Tim was the one who could witness and bring Stephen down,” said another fan, discussing the episode on a Reddit thread.

“I was hoping for a big showdown with Peter and Stephen. Bit of a let down really,” another viewer agreed.

Were you left wanting more from Stephen’s end?

Coronation Street usually airs on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 8pm on ITV.

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