Can a Candle Be Eco-Friendly? Sustainable Candles 101

The Parisian Maison Diptyque has long been the candle brand of choice for those in the know. You’d be hard-pressed to find a fashion person without a Baies Candle somewhere in their apartment. While Diptyque vessels have become a décor piece for many (even Carrie Bradshaw used them as storage containers in her apartment in And Just Like That…), they’ve never technically been reusable—until now, that is. 

Diptyque’s latest addition, Les Mondes de Diptyque, marks a new beginning for the brand in the candle space. “The essence of a sustainable Diptyque candle is a testament to the sacred balance between tradition and innovation,” says Laurence Semichon, Diptyque’s senior vice president of brand. “It’s about offering a lasting experience, both in terms of olfactory delight and a visual masterpiece. For example, [in the] Les Mondes de Diptyque collection, the candles aren’t just a one-time wonder. They are designed to be refilled, ensuring that the splendid glass monoliths grace your space for years to come, reducing waste and embracing the idea of timeless luxury.” Diptyque also prioritizes high-quality, sustainable raw materials in its candle production. 

For Diptyque, the journey to sustainability is just beginning. According to Semichon, the brand is committed to creating more sustainable products in the future by seeking creative solutions to reduce waste, boost product longevity, and design lasting, beautiful, and thoughtfully sourced products that consumers will want to keep.

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