Blake Lively Said ‘Sweater Weather, but Make It Sexy’

Not quite ready to let go of lemon girl summer, Blake Lively took an October stroll around New York City’s West Village in a bright yellow sweater with a wide collar and a super-relaxed fit…and just the teeniest hint of sex appeal.

Lively paired baggy blue jeans with the Zoe V-neck polo from Leset ($300, but it’s cashmere) for a comfy but still stylish ensemble, and the deep V-neck keeps it from being grandmotherly.

Perhaps to emphasize her blondness, Lively also wore shoes with a yellow accent and carried a yellow and white Louis Vuitton bag, which she made sure was in front of her at all times.


The hint of sternum is so Serena van der Woodsen of her. The Upper East Side party girl never met a deep-V sweater she couldn’t rock.

Lively accessorized with sunglasses and a single AirPod, two must-haves for blocking out the absolute chaos of an NYC sidewalk.

The color scheme reminds us of the entrepreneur’s Betty Buzz/Booze line of drinks, both soft and alcoholic. She loves herself a lemonade, and no matter how chilly it gets, so do we!

Free-est Melanie Sweater Tunic

Lively and her husband, Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds, were of course in attendance at the Jets-Chiefs game over the weekend, accompanying their best bud Taylor Swift as she watched Travis Kelce on the field. For that occasion, she opted for a simple black tube top—once again, nothing too flashy but definitely flirty. Swift, meanwhile, is on the streets of NYC in her most casual outfit maybe ever, rocking sneaks, a tee, and bike shorts. One does feel for the wannabe NYC TikTok fashion influencers. They spend all that time, effort, and money to stand out, but you’re never gonna be Blake Lively in a sweater!

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