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If you’re a Drag Race fan, you’ll know queens don’t get as legendary as Alaska. This multi-talented queen is not only a fierce performer, she’s also an accomplished singer, actress and author (her memoir My Name’s Yours, What’s Alaska? is a must-read.)

Alaska has collaborated with another of our favorite queens, the sweet and sultry Honey Davenport, for a new dance track, appropriately titled “Mighty Legendary (Legends Only Remix feat. Alaska).” The song’s video, filmed at the Trixie Motel in Palm Springs, is packed with more ferocity than you can handle.

Between her touring, performing, and podcast duties, Alaska was able to take a break and discuss the new song and video with us, drag in the news, the potential of drag performers to take over the charts, and lots more in our exclusive interview.

How did you and Honey end up collaborating? 

Honey and I have been friends for years and have worked together a lot.  She sent me the song and I really liked it, so I said sure let’s collab on it.  

What was appealing about this particular song? 

The lyrics are great. It’s catchy. It’s memorable. It’s cunty and fierce.  

The video looks like so much fun. What was that experience like for you? 

It was 120 degrees in Palm Springs when we filmed it, so if everyone looks hot, it’s because they were. But the team and the vibes were amazing, and it was very fun.  


You have put out some amazing music. Do you think drag performers are being taken more seriously as recording artists now? 

I think the music is good and has a dedicated and growing listenership. So, the industry is probably taking notice.  

What do you think about the current state of drag? 

Everyone should quit drag and become doctors or accountants.  

How do you deal with the right-wing attacks on drag as an art form? 

They’re idiots who are using us as a distraction to allow them to continue to make no real change in our country. Instead of attacking women’s reproductive rights or immigrants or drag queens let’s tax the billionaires. Let’s end hunger and get free health care. Let’s have a 4-day work week.  


Have you personally experienced any outright attacks? 

Lauren Boebert tried to give me a hand job in the audience of Come From Away and I told her no.  

How did you end up working with Mistr?

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They do great work and they get the word out about the services they provide by collaborating with a plethora of queer artists. So, I like them.  

Do you think it’s important for the LGBTQ+ community to take control of their health? 

Yes. Could you imagine if my answer was no? That would be preposterous.  


How do you feel about Pride celebrations expanding past June (our Pride here in Atlanta is in October…hint, hint…)?

I think it’s great. The whole year should be Pride. Besides, June is really warm and drag queens hate the heat. Make Pride in December when it’s nice and frosty. 

Do you have any Pride plans?

I’m going to be performing “Mighty Legendary” with Honey Davenport at Palm Springs Pride.  I can’t wait.  


The Mighty Legendary remix is available wherever you get your music. Keep up with Alaska on FacebookYouTubeTwitter and Instagram. Links to Race Chaser, her music and lots more can be found here


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