A Hairstylist Says These Are the 13 Best Deep Conditioners

When shopping for a deep conditioner for your hair, Grace says there are some key things you need to keep in mind. Not only should you consider your hair type, but you should also know how to apply your mask to get the best results. “To make an informed choice on a deep conditioner, it’s important to pinpoint [your] specific hair concerns,” she explains. “Deep conditioners are highly effective in revitalizing dry and lackluster hair, providing essential moisture to dull curls and mending damage caused by heat, coloring, and chemical treatments. Consistency is crucial for all hair types to maintain hair health. Using steam, covering the treatment with a plastic cap, and allowing the conditioner ample time to penetrate the hair cuticle ensures effective absorption into the shaft.”

As for picking the right one for you, Grace says, “When selecting the right deep conditioner for your hair concerns, consider various ingredients based on your hair’s needs. Damaged, textured (curly and wavy), colored, and chemically treated hair often benefit from moisture and hydration, making ingredients like butters, various oils, aloe vera, and honey highly effective. For strengthening deep conditioners, seek ingredients such as amino acids, keratin, and hydrolyzed proteins. Normal to fine hair can also benefit from maintenance or lightweight repair with deep conditioners. Concentrating on the lower portion of the hair, reducing the treatment time, and thoroughly rinsing can prevent a heavy, greasy feel. These practices will [also] help maintain your hair’s best pH level.”

Take a peek at Grace’s deep conditioner recommendations for each hair type below.


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