7 Gen Z-Approved Fall Trends And The 7 Trends We’re Dropping

When it comes to trend spotting, there’s no better way to get a feel of the current fashion climate than Insta-stalking the most stylish generation there is: Gen Z. While I may be a bit biased as a 24-year-old editor, it’s a simple fact that the fashion crowd aged 18 to 25 has an iron-clad grip on the pulse of the trend zeitgeist right now, often setting the tone for the seasons to come.

Ahead of the fall, I did what any other normal, sane 24-year-old would do and Insta-stalked some of my favorite Gen Z celebrities, models, and creators to confirm my suspicions on what trends they’re buying and which items they’re leaving in the dust. From quiet luxury–esque jackets to trending It colors, shop the seven fall trends Gen Z can’t seem to give up on this year.

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