5 Shoe Trends Taylor Swift Always Wears

At 5’11, Taylor Swift already towers above many of us, but despite that, all of her favorite shoe trends are heels. She looks great in heels, so it makes sense. Much to the delight of all the Swifties out there, she’s been out and about a lot this year, with photographers following her every outfit. As an editor who covers lots of celebrity style, I don’t think I’ve missed a Taylor Swift outfit yet this year, and I’ve been looking for themes.

Swift has changed her personal style off and on over the years, but when she’s in an “era”, she really stays true to that aesthetic. I don’t personally know Swift (unfortunately), but I do think that she’s really stayed true to herself this year, and worn what she loves and feels comfortable in. On that note, I’ve noticed that for the most part, she sticks to a handful of shoe trends when she’s out in the world, and I’m here to do my due diligence and talk about them.

With that, scroll on for the five shoe trends Swift wears constantly, and shop the best pairs if she’s inspired you to dress like her.

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