4 Wedding Guest Outfit Ideas Sure to Wow

Man, I do love a wedding. I love the pomp and the circumstance, the happy tears, the gorgeous dresses, the melding of two families… I love it all! As an aging millennial and former bridesmaid, the past few years have been a flurry of RSVPs. This is to say my wedding experience is vast and, as someone who walked down the aisle last year, quite intimate.

Here’s the thing about that aforementioned melding of the families: One day, you and your dearly beloved will look at your calendars and realize that you both have relatives getting married sometime during that time warp between Thanksgiving and Christmas on two different continents—yikes. Even though we’re nuptial veterans, traveling this extensively so close to the holidays felt daunting.

In the spirit of true partnership, we decided to divide and conquer. My husband took on the task of navigating our travel itineraries (musts: Tim Tams, koalas, beachfront cocktails) while I began the mental gymnastics of packing for two very different climates and cultures ahead of the Punjabi-Australian and Jewish-Colombian celebrations. 

Keep reading to unveil what made my packing list.

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