13 Best Male Masturbators of 2023 That Will Give Your Hand a Break

Philistines may think that digging around for the best male masturbator toy is a waste of time given how many five-star reviews the humble hand has earned in the long history of jacking off. They’re wrong. High-tech innovations in pleasure are arriving faster than ever in the realm of sex toys for men. Better vibrations and new sensations in orgasm achievements are available, if only you’ll reach out and grab them. With all due respect to the hand, even your favorite meal gets boring—especially once you see what else is on the menu.

That menu reads like a Greek diner’s now that male sex toys are so much more varied and widely available than they were even just a few years ago. You’ve got strokers (your Fleshlights and the like), but also: penis vibrators, frenulum massagers, and blowjob simulators, to name just a few. Some will even do all the work for you, hands-free. Though if you think the best male masturbators are just a lazy man’s shortcut to orgasm, you’re missing the point. They’re here to make you feel things you’ve never felt before.

Before we take a walk down the sex toy aisle, it’s worth pointing out that these adult toys can be used by anyone with a penis—meaning you can identify as trans, or nonbinary, or anything you want, and still enjoy the fun. Some require erections and some don’t, and some will work better for certain-size penises than others. But for the most part, if you have a dick (or spend time with someone who does), you can add any of these toys to your nightstand drawer.

A Quick Note about Lube!

Before we dive headfirst into the warm waters of the best male masturbators, it’s worth pointing out that most of these toys—hell, most any sex toy, whether it’s for men, or women, or couples, or anyone else—works best when lubed. We recommend a water-based lube, because it can be used with any toy material (versus silicone-based lube, which can destroy silicone-based toys).

The Best Masturbator, Overall: Fleshlight Pink Lady Destroya

Fleshlight is still the biggest name in the world of penis toys, in part because their soft and squishy SuperSkin material feels so damn realistic, offering some of the most lifelike simulated sex ever. This toy’s sleeve contains a variety of different textures to stimulate different parts of your dick. (And if you want to dive deeper into the Fleshlight space, we have our favorite models from the brand over here, as well as some more below.)

The Best Cheap Masturbator: Tenga Egg Wavy II

Maybe you don’t want to commit to something expensive, or maybe you’d prefer something that doesn’t shout SEX TOY if discovered in your underwear drawer. At just $7 a pop, Tenga’s disposable egg-shaped masturbators are an easy way to test the waters of beyond-the-hand masturbation, from a Japanese company founded to de-stigmatize the idea of men using solo sex toys. You can get 4-5 uses out of each one, so long as you clean it out properly.

The Best Masturbator to Use With a Partner: Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage

Fleshlight’s Quickshot line of strokers are all smaller than usual, making them relatively discreet (though possibly tight for anyone over 5-ish inches of girth). But this four-inch-long stroker has another special feature: it’s open-ended on both sides, which means a partner could potentially give you oral sex while using it on the base of your penis, making for an ultra-intense combination of sensations. Cleanup is easy, too, since all it needs is a little sudsing up with warm water and soap.

The Best Upgrade for Your Hand: Fleshlight Fleshskins Grip

Setting aside the unappetizing name, this might just be the easy option if you want a toy that delivers the brand’s realistic feel and improves upon—but doesn’t completely change—your usual playtime of hand-on-penis action. It offers the soft squishiness and super-stimulating texture of a Fleshlight, but you control the speed and tightness with your hand the way you normally do.

The Best Vibrating Masturbator: Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo Essential

This high-quality toy is designed to vibrate against your frenulum (the hyper-sensitive spot where the head of your penis meets the shaft on the underside) and the surrounding area. Its powerful vibrations are fun for solo play, foreplay, couple’s play, while the six vibration patterns offer different sensations for tons of fun.

The Best Warming Masturbator: Satisfyer Men Heat Vibration

The temperature of a sex toy can make a big difference in how good it feels and how much it resembles the sensations of real-deal sex, which is why it’s so impressive that this vibrating stroker heats up to a max temperature of 104° Fahrenheit. It’s pretty shallow inside, though, so (depending on your length) it’ll work best if you like to focus on the head of your penis instead of the whole shaft. It’s rechargeable using a USB cable, while the body-safe silicone is super smooth and hygienic.

The Best Self-Stroking Masturbator: The Handy

This toy is basically a handjob machine: it controls an included stroker and allows you to adjust the tightness of its grip, as well as the speed and length of its strokes. Beginners will absolutely love this thing—the powerful motor can reach turbo speeds of up to 600 (!) strokes per minute, which is faster than you could ever manage, even after shotgunning a Red Bull.

The Best Hands-Free Masturbator: Lovense Gush

Wrap this flexible vibrator around your dick wherever it feels the best, then keep it in place using the included stretchy ring. The toy connects to the Lovense app, which allows you to control its vibrations with your phone, or even let a long-distance partner take the wheel.

The Best High-Tech Masturbator: LELO F1S V2

Luxury sex toy brand Lelo specializes in high-end technological marvels that can get you off, and the F1S V2 is a prime example. It’s a vibrating stroker equipped with a flexible internal sleeve, two motors to provide intense vibration, customizable programs, and a slew of sensors that (in combination with Lelo’s app) can measure and record stats on your thrust speed and sexual stamina. The value of quantified thrusting is debatable, but the data’s kinda fun to see.

The Best Blowjob-esque Masturbator: Autoblow AI+

Finally, an A.I. we can celebrate. This “blowjob machine” incorporates A.I. that was trained on 1,000 hours of blowjob videos, so the toy’s motions feel more like the real thing than those you’ll find in most automatic masturbators. Updating the sensations is as easy as logging onto Autoblow’s “blowjob library” to see what tickles your fancy. It’s worth noting that the Autoblow AI+ needs to be plugged into an electrical outlet, which is a bit inconvenient, but that does mean the toy has plenty of oomph.

The Best Long-Distance Masturbator: Lovense Max 2

If you’re in a long-distance relationship and want to keep your sex life going strong with your partner, you can do two things: beg everyone you know for their Delta miles, and try this stroker. The toy’s multiple vibration settings, paired with a contraction function that rhythmically squeezes your dick, creates breathtakingly intense sensations—all of which can be controlled via the Lovense app, by you or anyone you invite to take the reins. As one Amazon reviewer attests, “it’s perfect for long-distance relationships but also amazing for solo enjoyment too.”

The Best Specialist Toy: Cobra Libre II

Opinions differ across the internet about what this vibrating toy most resembles. A futuristic race car, maybe? Or a vacuum cleaner? But the Cobra Libre’s purpose is much less confusing: it directs powerful, satisfying vibrations onto the head of your penis—a.k.a, the most sensitive part of your dick. The result is a real “don’t knock it until you’ve tried it” orgasm-driving experience, according to users and reviewers. Of course, that means it’s not an insertable toy like the others here, and won’t touch anything south of the head. But that means you can potentially pair it with a toy like the open-ended Fleshlight Quickshot (or maybe an anal toy?) for potential ejaculation overload.

The Best Interactive Masturbator: Kiiroo Onyx+

This toy has a whopping 10 contraction rings inside it, for some serious stroking. The Onyx+ can be used for long-distance play, like the Lovense Max 2 above, by syncing up with another Kiiro sex toy (like the brand’s Pearl 2 vibrator) and replicating how your partner’s using it. But the Kiiroo’s claim to fame is the way it can integrate with VR porn. If you’ve already got a VR headset and want to really bring your fantasy to fruition, this could be a great investment.

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